Monday, October 6, 2014

Day 6 - Puffy Eyed Funky Mornings

Day 6 marks your "weekend" fun but you might of woken up with puffy eyes and funky fuzz face feeling.  Looks like you might of done a little bit too much at last night's party eh?

Whether you were good or bad about staying away from those "fun foods" or other habit you've chosen to give up this month, stay on course, don't lose focus, keep that determination strong.

Watch out for those substitutions for your habit-they might not be good substitutions-only a mask over to fill the same dangerous habit.  Before you know it, you'll be swapping one bad habit for another bad habit.  Having people keep you in check are always good positive things to rely on while you do this month challenge.

Always keep an open mind, a teachable heart even by those who may not look like they're in the position to teach you, or correct you.  Be present with what you do, don't let yourself be caught in the habit with your pants down (or puffy eyed bad morning Monday mood)

Be inspired, and inspire others! Leave comments about YOUR day 6 below!

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