Welcome to Challenge Me

Welcome to your first step to a better, healthier lifestyle!  I'm not a fitness specialist, professional nutritionist, or health expert of any kind.  I'm an everyday average individual, like you, who knows little to nothing about the best diet, the best supplement, the best exercise, etc..

However, we all have free will to make choices in life.  Every choice we make has consequences. This is common sense that most of us already know in our lives.  We've experienced good & bad consequences.

Today, you made a choice to come to this website, the next choice you make will be to watch the video below.  The final choice will be, "Will I accept the challenge?  Will I decide to make a plan and follow through with this?".  That's your choice.  Remember, it's not about making a huge change, it's about making change, just change by itself.  Start small, end BIG.

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