Tenli Etger?

What is Tenli Etger?

Tenli Etger is hebrew (Tav Nun Lamed Yud)  Translated.. "give to me a challenge".  This is meant as a command.  The imperative meaning.  Where with Alef Tav Gimel Reish (with a lamed at the beginning) is infinitive "To challenge me".

When God impressed on me to do this particular challenge two weeks ago, I never thought this would be a public thing.  Through the last two weeks it's gone from a personal challenge, to sharing it with a couple friends, into what you see now; the beginning of a website put together to encourage and "challenge" you in whatever you want to do in your life as part of your own personal journey to a better more healthier (balanced) lifestyle.

Remember, not only do we have our physical beings, but our mental and spiritual beings too.  In fact, it's very important we don't forget about our spiritual beings.  It's what makes us who we are and it is forever us.  While our physical being breaks down and decays over time, our spiritual being remains untouched and unharmed by time.

What's more important in your life?
What are you going to do to maintain a better, healthier lifestyle?
What steps will you take to help you get there?
When you reach your goal, will you be content? Or will you continue on making new challenges?

Some questions to ask yourself.

"Challenge Me" Tenli Etger, will you be challenged?  Will you just continue to coast through your daily life complaining that there's nothing you can do, or accept whatever you have now is good enough?

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