Saturday, October 11, 2014

Day 11 - Pass and Review

Are you keeping a journal, diary, blog, pictures, or some kind of record of what and how you're doing?  I highly recommend doing it.  It's important you record your progress every day just like you check your weight every week when you're trying to lose weight.

The day will come when you look back, reflect on your past to see how you're doing, or from where you've come.  This can be the encouragement, the motivator you need to keep pushing forward.

Pump it up, PUMP IT UP!!  Time to inspect your progress and tighten up your challenge.  Work hard, play hard, and smile knowing you've done good.

Be inspired, and inspire others! Leave comments about YOUR day 11 below!


  1. I have really enjoyed doing this with you and Robert - for me my 'check and reflect' are our text and email threads - I will say having friends to be help with accountability has been amazing - and some days hearing that 'way to go' gives me the impetus to keep going!

    1. Having a team along side you has proven to be more successful than doing these challenges along. You not only have your support team, but you have your accountability partners you can't let down!

      I'm glad these video's are helping. My hope is that others who go through their challenges are also inspired by these.