Monday, October 27, 2014

Day 27 - Pizza Overdose

Weeks of torture?  Day's of battling for your victory and you're just a few days before your challenge is over and you take the medal of victory.  Will this mean you start to eat those cookies again, or that chocolate, or cake, or whatever you decided to stop for this month?  Or, are you going to try and continue to abstain from the addiction or delight you had before.

Sure, a little bit is fine as long as you keep your balance.  Though, you have to ask yourself, will you go back to being that individual with that addiction or desire?  Or, are you planning on continuing with this challenge, adding more to it.

When we start to get comfortable where we're at, it's time we re-analyse our situation and see how we can step it up a notch each day, month, year.  After all, it's your challenge, not mine.

Be inspired, and inspire others! Leave comments about YOUR day 27 below!

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