Monday, October 13, 2014

Day 13 - Fear Not The Fog

You've almost completed the 2nd week of your challenge.  You've been fighting through so much! It's the 13th day of your challenge.  It's creepy, it's scary, it's foggy all around you and you seem to be all alone in your world, your challenge.

You've been enduring your own attacks from within, those "enemies inside" trying to cause you to give up, quit, and you seem to be all alone in this challenge.

Push through the fog that blinds your views around you.  Call a friend who's been supporting you in this challenge.  Post your concerns on THIS blog and I'll send a shout out to ya.  You're about to complete your second week!  Tomorrow is your 2nd weigh in!  The time you will see how much progress you've made!  One more day! This next week will mark the halfway point!

You're about to push through the last part of the first part and enter into the downhill run to the completion of your goal(s), so don't give up now.  Don't let this 13th freak day scare you into quitting now.

The sunshine will come back out and burn away the fog, and chase away those coyote and wolf howls in your life.  You can do it, and if you're pushing through this challenge and it's getting easier, that's great!  Please, share your experiences below so others that come through this day who may be having trouble still, read your own experiences and challenges.  It will make this time more real to them and more possible to complete.

We're not super humans here, we're every day people who have chosen to take on some challenges in life to be better people and recognize that change is good.

Be inspired, and inspire others! Leave comments about YOUR day 13 below!


  1. Day 13 saw me challenged by BOTH things I have given up for October! Chocolate AND Diet Coke.... both were in my hand, for me it took a reminder 'you made a promise to God' from an 8 year old for me to put the Diet Coke back in the fridge and walk away... temptation for me is constant right now - with Halloween just around the corner the chocolate is EV.ER.Y.WHERE!

  2. I honestly did not consider it being "the 13th" while recording this video. Later on while editing and publishing it, the light turned on. The flow on these daily videos continue to amaze me! I know that this will be a great tool for others some day.