Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Purium 10 Day Transformation - Day 08

This is when you start to see that ending!  You feel that sense of accomplishment, you're almost done, and it comes to the point where the pain of missing out on all that "good junk food" goes away.

I even have soreness in my ribs and the sides where my love handles used to be.  Is that NORMAL?!  I ache all over in my neck and my back.  On top of that my tailbone hurts and my abdominal area.

If you read this without knowing what's happening in my life.  The first thing you want to do or say is get to a doctor!  Or, stop doing whatever you're doing if it's causing you so much pain.  Pain, what is it with pain and why we spend all our lives trying to stay away from or prevent pain.

To me, pain can be a few things:

  1. A way of your body giving you warnings that what's going on inside you is harmful
  2. Bi-product of a tremendous change in ones body to the point it needs to catch up.
I believe most of my pain stems from me losing the weight and getting rid of some harmful foods that were in my body for who knows how long.

You may experience things differently, but don't push away pain or give up because you're experiencing it.  First, take some time to diagnose the reason for or source of the pain.  Maybe it's a good thing and it will only last for a chosen amount of time.

Keep up the great work on your Transformation Journey and feel free to contact me @ if you're interested in the Purium program I'm doing and want to join up for the life long cause of living a better more balanced, healthier lifestyle.

It's your challenge, not mine.

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