Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dreams of Fungus

Have you ever had a dream, maybe when you were a child, while growing up and you maybe shared that dream with your friends, parents, or teachers, and then you grew up and as an adult you may have forgotten, reasoned it away do to "real life" consequences or logic.

Maybe you even "psh" it away and say, that will never happen, or that's just a bunch of childhood crap.  Someone might have laughed it away when you shared it.

Either way, the dream remains a dream and never becomes reality.

Maybe your dream is living a healthier lifestyle.  I remember thinking that a couple years ago.  Life was not at its peak moments, I had experienced a tremendous change in my life and experienced something I never thought would ever happen.  I wanted to run away, give up, and the only thing I had to hold onto was my faith in God and friends that stood by me in  those moments.

I remember looking at myself, I hated myself, hated how I looked, and decided I would no longer look at myself that way again.  I needed to accept myself for who I was and do something to get me out of the funk I was in.

I started simple, I started thinking about the things I like to do like hiking and photography.  I started doing those things that brought me happiness.  I started setting goals to balance out my life spiritually and fighting for the positive side of things in my daily living.

April 2014 was the ground breaking moment in my life.  That is what brought me to where I'm at today.  Today, I'm on the 8th day of my 10 Day Transformation through Purium.  A new chapter in my life, filled with more opportunities, more excitement, more happiness, and more importantly, another way to share my story with you and help you go after your dreams.

As you read this you might be thinking about your dreams right now.  Can they truly be reached?  Maybe one of your dreams is to live more healthy like me.  What have you got to lose by trying Purium, except weight. :)

Your dream might look like a bunch of "fungus" to others, but it's not their dream, it's yours.  Don't let reason, doubt, or other people keep you from trying.  Try accepting yourself for who you are.  Try giving your body the nutrients it needs, then you might find yourself going after a better mental and spiritual body like I did.  After all, balance is key to a healthy lifestyle.  Not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually.

It's your challenge, not mine.

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