Friday, February 13, 2015

Purium 10 Day Transformation - Day 03

What a feeling having my first shake this morning.  I actually drank and enjoyed it!  It was a weird feeling thinking, "this is a healthy thing with a bunch of grass and other stuff in it, and it's tasting almost like an apple flavored milk shake!"  Yes, I must have gone off the deep end for sure, or, maybe my taste buds are changing, or getting older I'm starting to like the healthy things in life.  Who knows.

I know this though, tonight my son participated in my last shake of the night and he tried it out and enjoyed it straight up with only water.  I wasn't sure he'd go for it, but I'm confident he'll love the almond milk blend and I can't wait to try out the Reese's flavored idea.

Making it fun, truly brings its rewards and sticking to the plan as best as you can is important.  If it wasn't for a prior commitment I would have been right on.

However, if you do slip off the path, just jump back in and keep on going!  Don't let guilt keep you from jumping back in and being successful.

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