Monday, February 13, 2017

Paleo: Day 1 - The Headache of Reality

Wow! 2016 has passed by in a whirlwind & 2017 has already in full swing.  This weekend my amazing wife presented me with a new 30 day challenge.  In one word this challenge would be called Paleo.  This would involve cutting out something I love very very much, dairy, among other various sweets & normal "less than healthy" items.

Am I up for the challenge?  You bet!

It's time to reconnect, restore, recommit, and reclaim my healthy lifestyle.

Each day I'll be posting something, thoughts of the day, whatever.

Breakfast I first started taking my Premium Lifestyle Capsule packet, Shared a Premium Lifestyle Shake with my love, and slapped my Blue Camo DFT (Derma Fusion Technology) patch! I also had a banana to complete the breakfast.

Bacon Deviled Eggs, Red Grapes, and Sunflower SeedsMid-morning snack was a 1/2 cup of roasted sunflower seeds.  Pretty good, however, make sure you read the label when purchasing items.  I took the easy route getting the seeds out of the shells and didn't realize there were added garbage disqualifying them.

Lunch I had some homemade w/love and bacon infused deviled eggs.  They put a smile on my face.

Mid-day snack involved purple grapes and the remaining cup of roasted sunflower seeds.  I snuck in a small slice of Colby Jack cheese & jerky.

It's important not to quit things cold turkey.  You don't want to kill yourself coming off the addictive foods.  I've found the best way is to ease yourself off the "bad" foods, or in my case the foods you've chosen to take out of your diet for a time.

All together, first day so far has been great.  I'm already feeling better (yes, you can experience change that quick).

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