Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Paleo: Day 2 - Easy Roads Promote Lazy Drivers

Paleo Day 2 - Easy Roads Promote Lazy Drivers

We all have those thoughts.  How can I get what I want in the easiest, cheapest, quickest, way?  I'm sure everyone of us have fallen for the "Get Rich Quick" scam at least once in our lives.  Hopefully we've learned that overall even IF we achieve something quick'n easy.  It doesn't last and deep down inside we don't really appreciate it like we would have when we work hard to get there.

So, today's thought, Easy roads promote lazy drivers, is a reminder to me that this 30 day challenge is not always going to be easy, but success will come when I push past the headaches, the cravings, and the mind battles of "I can't do this", "Why did I agree to do this", "Valentine's Day CANDY ALL AROUND ME AT MY DESK!!"

Push past, push through, push away those temptations and roadblocks.  Don't hope for that wide, paved, straight road to the glory land.  Go for the narrow dirt road, winding up the mountain.  Even if it's just for the satisfaction of looking down from the top at where you came from and appreciating the challenge you just overcame.  You'll find it becomes a domino effect to other challenges you'll face throughout this year.

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