Thursday, November 12, 2015

Drive On, Thrive On

For months now, I have been taking on small challenges here and there and letting some challenges complete.  Life have taken some great changes which have kept me from my normal blogging and challenge posting habits.

Whether I post or not, it's still important to keep challenging yourself throughout your day, week, month.  Life is a challenge and you don't always have to share them.  The important thing is, you're doing them!  Not just for others, but for yourself!

We also have to allow flexibility in our life, don't get discouraged when our bodies change the way we don't want them to change. We will go through stressful times in our lives. Whatever it may be, this is life, and it doesn't mean we're in a bad situation.

Focus is important, and while life changes all around us effecting our mental & physical bodies, having a good focus will keep us on the right track to success.  So, be not discouraged in these times.  Press on, take a break, a regroup, and press on to your success!

My wife and I have taken on a challenge together.  We started last week and it has been an amazing journey already.  This program helps in the following areas:
  • Weight Management
  • Mental Clarity
  • Appetite Control
  • Derma Fusion Technology
  • Metabolic Support
  • All Natural Time Release
My personal experience so far has had some immediate reactions and some long term reactions.

Within a minute I experienced an energy boost that lasted all day until it was time to sleep.  When it was time to sleep I slept hard and deep without waking up multiple times in a night (I believe I woke once a night)  I know for a fact it helps in the sleep arena because normally if I move or get out of bed my wife who sleeps very light wakes up every time.  She can back me up by saying she doesn't wake up like she used to.

Throughout the day after taking this program for about 2 - 3 days I started noticing I don't get my dizzy spells when I get up from sitting for long amounts of time.  This has gone from about 90% of the time to about 5 - 10% of the time throughout the day.

I don't get the afternoon sleepiness after that lovely lunch I eat.  The time we all usually want to take a nap.  It's also the worse time to be reading material at work for me or doing mundane work.  Now, it's not a problem!  I don't even remember yawning!

Yesterday was the first time I forgot to take the full days product and all these things happened.  This confirms that this program gives me all the vitamins and nutrients I need to perform on a daily basis.

We have done this program for a little over a week now and I will report more on this later on with details on how to acquire this product.  So far, I'm 100% behind this product.  I haven't been this excited about any product I've taken in the past including the daily multi-vitamin for men routine.

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