Saturday, April 4, 2015

Do You LOV Your Body?

Live Organic Vegan (LOV) Super Meal by Purium.  I started taking this at the beginning of the week and will be taking this every morning for breakfast for a month.  My challenge is to follow through and do this every day and see what becomes of it.

Will I continue to take it from now on?

We shall see!!

The first 3 days it felt like one of those flu bugs starting in my stomach, you know the feeling?  Little fuzzy wiggly feeling, almost like you're on the path of wanting to throw up.  I wasn't sure if I was getting this feeling because I just took the shake, or if I was actually coming down with something.

The forth day, no effect!  Again, it could have been me fighting back the possible sick bug, or, maybe I had some toxins in my body that this was attacking, who knows!  The fact is, I'm now on day 6 now and the only feeling I'm getting is the feeling of full, full, FULL.

I usually eat my breakfast in the morning around 7:30am, have a light snack around 9:30 - 10am, then lunch at 11:30am.  This shake has kept me full from 7:30am up to 12:30pm!  No joke!  So whatever it's got, it's keeping me full and happy.

The taste?  Well, it's not like the Apple Berry taste from the 10 Day Transformation kit THAT's for sure.  I've had it with water, milk, and almond milk.  It's okay, it's not bad, but again it's not Apple Berry.  Then again, I tend to like sweet tasting things so I chug'it down and it's fine.

Other than that, and it being a little thick and grainy... life is good!

So, I have to ask you now that you've read this far. Do you love your body?  Do you want your body to love you back?  Then try LOV.  I'm not a vegan by no means and I don't follow the Purium program to the T.  I have chosen to include Purium in my life at this moment and maybe Purium can help you in your healthy start.

It's your choice, not mine... it's your challenge, not mine. :)  Just give it a try!

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