Thursday, December 4, 2014

Transformation Lifestyle

My friend Drew Davidsen is gearing up for a conference in the Baltimore Maryland to promote healthy living, finding your path, and sticking to it.  Part of the conference will involve individuals who have taken on these challenges in their own way.  Real people like you and me, who haven't necessarily gone the path of weight-loss program A, B, or C, or gym membership with personal trainer D, E, or F.  But have just made small changes in their lives and over time, these changes have been noticed.

Anyone, everyone, can make small changes in their eating habits, exercise habits, if they want to.  It starts in the mind, you make the choice, you stick to it.  Maybe you've thought about doing something but you just don't have the motivation or the information.

I created this blogger in hopes to find individuals like you who want to step into a better, more healthier lifestyle, and put down some of the things I did, encourage you to pursue your own method, a method you like, along with some sacrifices.

Follower Vs Pursuer
Last Sunday I learned the difference between a follower & pursuer.
Follower: One who follows others.  Waits for others to put down the tracks, lay the road or path, and drive on that path.
Pursuer: One who pursues, strives to push on further, no matter what, or who is with, or without.  This is the one that puts down the track, lays the road, that others might follow.

I started out as a follower, I started to do things others had done, I tried them, spent the money, the time, but my heart really wasn't truly in it.  I was expecting something to happen by doing their formula.  What I didn't realize was, I needed to start on my own starting point.  I needed to believe and accept myself for who I was first and foremost before I could press on.

Sacrifice Breeds Success
Whether we like it or not, life is about sacrifice and risks.  We take them every day without even noticing them!  However, when it comes to changing our eating habits or start exercising we all of a sudden feel unable to do it.  In our minds, if we think we can't do it, YOU'RE RIGHT, YOU CAN'T, however, if we reprogram our minds to say we CAN DO IT... YOU'RE RIGHT, YOU CAN DO IT! Do ya get it?  We believe we can or can't and our body will follow.

Start your battle in your mind, then when you've been successful, the body will follow through. :)  Watch my video and I hope this will help encourage you to start on your own pursing path.  Check out the right navigation October 2014 if you need a daily inspiration video once you make your monthly challenge(s).  Make this blog your place to start on your own path and PLEASE SHARE because you never know what you say might encourage another follower to pursue their own paths.
Transformation Lifestyle: The Movie

It helps to also see that though this blog was only started in October, my road started years before and you can read it on my adventure diary.  A blogger I started for myself on the Road To Better Health.  You see?  It takes time and with me it started in the mind.

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