Friday, December 12, 2014

Crazy Cracka Friday: A Mobile Production

Some years back I started texting my friends and family these funny faces on Friday.  Over the years the picture text morphed into many different formats.  Short 15 second videos, action picture, picture with a sound bit, picture with sound bit built into the picture, and of course, the title Crazy Cracka Friday (CCF) which has been the "sticking" point of the Friday funnies (if that's what you call them).

My initial goal was to make people laugh, help them de-stress from the busy work week, and prepare for the weekend activities, whatever they might be.  It's healthy to check out for a minute or two and de-stress with laughter.  It's like a mental medicine for the soul.

Early on in the year I had some frustrating moments trying to get the CCF successfully to the different platforms, across different cellular companies.  Some people would get the text with a picture, other's would get the sound bit and text, then some wouldn't get anything at all!

I started looking into distributing in another way.  My initial thought would be creating, yet, another blogger and do it that way.  It was a disaster because (again) this is fully mobile and I just didn't have the tools available to successfully do it fully mobile.  I had to do part of it from my phone, and then log on the web from my laptop or work computer and finish it.  Then there's the problem of people having web access and how it will look and be viewed (if at all) from the Google Blogger, and I was not going to learn another way to blog from some other site.

So, last week I was on my weekly Challenge.Me call with Drew Davidsen and he offered a suggestion that I literally thought... "well HELLO MATTHEW.... why didn't I think of that BEFORE!"

Today I have taken the challenge, and have launched the YouTube channel: Crazy Cracka Friday

For the rest of this year, I'm testing this new way out to see if this will be the best most successful way to distribute this encouraging weekly video.  Something that started out as a friends and family thing I'm not sharing it with you.  Feel free to share it with others you might thing will benefit from this, and please post your comments!  This month will determine if the CCF Channel will become permanent in  the year 2015. 

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