Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Aftermath

As I sit and think about this past month I have come to realize that the actual challenges I did were not the most difficult part.  For me, the most difficult part was putting together this project.  The creating of the site, the daily videos, and other information on the site posed more of a challenge for me.

Not because it's difficult to make a blog, do a video, or anything else like that.  I wanted it to be more than just "my project" in fact, it wasn't even my idea in the beginning.  It came to me while prepping to do the October challenges.

This year has been an interesting journey in my life.  In April I made a choice to make changes in my life, those changes have effected me physically, mentally, and spiritually and has changed the way I think, see myself as, and put a confidence about myself.

I haven't done any super power up go-go juice, or joined up with some hardcore sweat swinging gym.  I started with something small, got good at doing that and increased it every week or two or until it became part of my lifestyle.  I built upon that each week until now it's part of me and I can't seem to have a completed day until I've finished my challenges.  I actually look forward to doing them!  Of course, there are lazy days, but those days are the days I say, nope, I gotta do this!  It always feels good to do it on those days because on top of the physical satisfaction of doing the work out, I also experience a spiritual victory for doing something against my lazy fleshly will.

Balance, I've had to throw away my traditions about breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I have told myself, I will start with a small amount and if I'm still hungry I'll get more, and if I'm eating and I feel full... I stop even if there's food left over.  I'm still working on breaking this habit 100% of the time, especially when at a restaurant.  That's the time it seems to be the biggest pressure because you pay for your meal and you want to get your money's worth.

Break that habit!  If you do, you'll see the physical changes over time.

So, as you go through this site and read the posts, my hope is that my input and my excitement will challenge you to make life challenges and choices to live more healthily.  Not just physically, but mentally, and most important one of all (in my opinion) spiritually.

Share your own Road to Better Health on this site!  You never know who might be impacted by your journey.

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  1. I had faith in you from the beginning - I knew you would make this blog great - and it is!